Friday, September 2, 2011

Mono Lake & Lake Tahoe

In NY I was told to visit Mono Lake, which is very close to Yosemite. We took a beautiful quick stroll before heading north. I noticed Lake Tahoe was on the way home, so we decided to camp for a night at Emerald Bay State Park. I was stoked as I quickly drove by Tahoe many years ago but my group was not interested in stopping. But now I see Lake Tahoe is a huge resorty type place, I guess I am getting spoiled with the secluded places I have visited.

I am realizing a huge difference between state and national parks. People use state parks for a quick escape from home/work yet they bring all their crap with them. Loud radios, tons of food, and beer even in bear country! I am not sure why they even leave home. This was the loudest campsite so far on my trip. Before it got louder, Chris commented, “As annoying as it is, it is nice to hear people having fun.” People visiting national parks bring limited supplies and seem to have more respect and desire for nature.

On a positive note, there were less trees and were able to see many stars, which is missing during summer in Alaska. Also swimming was rad as I love to be in the water. Lake Tahoe was chilly but way warmer than Yosemite’s water.

I forget that there are huge fires in CA. I can feel the dryness and lack of moisture in the air. I am surprised campfires are allowed. As a side note, I have not been buying wood to burn. I scout empty campsites for leftover wood or just do w/o a fire. In CA campsites, you can see a lot of fire pollution in the air.  I also refuse to pay for ice even if it is less than $2. It’s more than I need. At gas stations, I ask the cashier if it is ok to fill up a reusable mug with ice by the soda machine or buy a small treat in exchange for the ice. Constant chap lips, dry skin even after lotion, and being in high elevation reminds me of Colorado. Click here for a few pix.

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