Friday, September 23, 2016

Travel Blog Reactivatedm for SE Asia

I'm reactivating my travel blog that I started when I left lovely Portland 5 years ago. 

In 2011, I visited Homer and Alaska.  Fell in love with the land, air, and people. I came back the next summer and stayed a winter. After 4 great and interesting years, other adventures are calling. I have embraced much but feel a need to move on. I thrive on change, exploring new places, and challenging myself. 

In August, I finally drove the Alcan with my high school buddy, while visiting hot springs and national parks in Canada. I explored Colorado this month to see if this will be my next home. Not so sure yet where home will be. After living in AK, it's a hard Adjustment to be elsewhere. 

However, when leaving such a committed career, I also need to take time to adventure before starting work with little vacay time. I leave for Tokyo on 10/3 then onward to Thai;and, Burma, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia, returning mid January. 
It's exciting as I wanted to do this trip years ago but it's a solo traveling overseas for so long is a bit daunting. I'm not sure how often I will post but if you wish not to receive info just unsubscribe. I am not bringing a computer so I won't have photo album links to share but will most photos on FB.