Saturday, September 10, 2011

Travel Thoughts: Being Vs Consuming Or Nature Vs City Part 2

During a hike, a friend pointed out that people are happy and usually say Hi when they pass other hikers. But once we get to the parking lot, we put our armor back on and head to the city.

Shuffling shit takes time to do. If I had no shit, I’d have more time.

Malls are good for one thing, public restrooms. The smell of the fatty cheap food and overpriced "stuff" that I do not need turns me off. It’s amazing how programmed we have become. I was so that person seeing something in the window and having to have it. I tire of ads telling me what I want. How the hell do they know? I feel that we, collectively as humans, have become slaves to the economy. Work, work, work – have 2 days a week to do chores and spend our hard-earned money to keep us more tied down to our house and work.  Repeat over and over and over turning in to a vicious cycle. I feel free b/c I do not have a “need” to buy many things I once did. I still run to a gear shop to buy a summer sleeping bag b/c I somehow lost mine on this trip. I did not need it but it is a nice luxury since it is my new cheap home for yrs to come. And I got it w/ an employee discount connection. But for the most part, I have escaped the game, the matrix of our world.

Many of the comforts we enjoy are not necessary for us our basic needs. “Basic Needs” that reminded me of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we learned in school. And then it hit me that I am at the top. When i walk this earth I feel so connected to it, i see it in a new light, i see more than what's physically there.  It’s a sense like no other. And yes, i am sober :)
Cities physically trap us, separating us from nature. Maybe I am this way b/c I have been over citified. Society’s rules kill our spirituality, our creativity, our individuality. I always battled with this since high school. I looked a certain way and was stereotyped. People thought I did it for the attention. I don't like attention. I don’t even like dancing or singing as I am too shy. Honest! It’s been odd to see the people racing by on the street for the 9-5 drill; all in such a hurry, no time to breathe the air and see the beauty. 1 hr lunch break, 2 weeks a yr vacay, who made these rules? why do we follow them? Can we all just protest and reclaim our time? Why do I feel that I deserve more than 2 weeks off? I don't know.

Of course, I am speaking from an American point of view as that is the only work experience I know. And then there are people in certain countries that do not even get a lunch break and are paid poorly, etc. So I don't mean to complain b/c Americans have it better than others. And I do not think any country has truly figured it out. I guess I wish things could just be fair and everyone be content. I struggle finding a balance, which is different for each person. This is not an easy topic discussion and I certainly don't have all the answers or fully understand the situation.

If you love your job, that is rad.  But sadly I have met many who are not happy with their jobs and have put their passion to the side. I know many of us are on this crazy boat and I don’t mean to rub it in by pointing out the differences. These points do not relate to any one person that is close in my life. Just expressing what I observe on this journey. It's an interesting transformation experience going from one side to another. Once you break free, you look back at your life and are stunned by the differences.

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