Friday, September 30, 2011

Asheville & Smoky NP, NC Take 2

I re-visited Asheville, NC for 3 nights. I was here for 1 night in March. This time I was hosted by a cser, David, originally from the Bronx who is a film writer w/ a lovely home.

Being so close to Smoky NP, I put a last minute hike request to the Asheville cs group. Mike who lived in PDX, quit a dissatisfying job and been travelling since Aug replied. He talked me into camping for a night. We did about 11 miles of hiking and had rain free, yet muggy weather.

Seeing the leave fall and the colorful grounds was super rad. At the start of my trip it was almost Spring. I got to see thing slowly come to life. It feels like things are wrapping up right now and I can’t believe how close to "home" I am now.

I met a few other local csers, had local, strong beer and wandered through town checking out the local art galleries. Asheville is like a smaller version of PDX minus the hipsters. YAY!

Then off to visit a long-time, good friend, pen pal Kelly in Boone. 9.5 hrs bus ride, b/c there’s a 4 hr wait in Winston Salem. I could not wander the city b/c I have 2 heavish bags. I snuck away to a thai/pho place and treated myself to a yummy veggie/tofu pho that was a little pricey. Met some interesting characters at the station, but they were harmless. I definitely was the minority there, which admittedly feels odd, especially coming from the NW.

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