Thursday, September 25, 2014

Blueberry and Mussel Picking Homer 20

Wow I have not posted much since I came back from my Euro trip. It's been interesting being back since then. I have not felt the same and I can't really explain it.

I am constantly reminded how beautiful AK is and how awesome the people are; there's so much fun to be had and explore, but I miss swimming and warm sun. I wish  could combine AK and Gozo :)

It was rainy for weeks here and then I was sick. I then hosted a good friend from PDX and we had some mini adventures across the bay kayaking, hiking, blueberry and mushroom pickin.

I feel that this blog has come to and end. Started it in winter 2011 and was not sure where I would end up. It's my 3rd winter in AK and they say that is the true test if one can handle winters here. Will see what happens.

AK adventures are endless and I can hardly keep up with it. I will post when I travel travel. Below are some latest pix of AK. Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed the journey.

Kayak pix

pix of blueberry picking, home veggie gardens.

Mussels pickin and Beach Eagle Fun 

Burning Basket