Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pottery, Mardi Gras and Snow

It feels like forever since my last blog, a new change for me to get use to. I thought it would be nice to share a few updates. Working at the yoga studio has been cool. Everyone right away asks if I am an instructor.  Basically I do computer work (just can't get away from it), registering people for the many cool classes they offer. I started taking the West African dance class last week and that has been super cool. It's not too hard to follow and there's live drumming! The instructor is from Africa, so I figure if he can handle the winters here, who am I to complain! I'm also checking out the NIA class but I really am terrible at this. It's a lot of small, quick movements. Hard to explain but I am just so not coordinated. Lastly, I am taking a yoga fundamentals class that incorporates some verbal teaching then helping us out with getting some of the poses down. It helps me relax and cool to hear such teachings. I'm also doing some small weight exercises at home. Go ahead, laugh. I always wanted to be more tone and might as well get into the habit while I have spare time.

I've also joined a few meet ups and met some nice, cool people. Mostly of them not from here. This place is such a little Portland. So now I have friends, but still limited social life b/c I am trying to pace my outings and spending money....Oh and last weekend I went to my first Mardi Gras parade. But it was  sad to see the candy wrappers and garbage on the streets which is right next to Lake Champlain! Anyhoo, it ended at 4 and I could not bring myself to party that early. A friend of mine and I headed to Magic Hat brewery instead, who actually sponsors the parade. We got to sample 4 free, small beers and a free tour, along w/ a shot glass. I also won a pint glass for answering the question, what ingredients do you need to make beer. The brewery is not in downtown, so I went home instead and did not venture out to party that night.
As for pottery class, which is a mix hand building (new for me) and wheel, it is going ok. I find it harder than the first time I took a class. So many factors involved like the clay itself. I managed to make a few ok things. One actually is seems symetrical! Lets see how they make it in the next few stages. You can never attach yourself to a piece b/c even at the end, it could break during the firing process. We have not even gone over trimming, so its a ways away. It's cool that this class is till mid May! 

Well that's about it, no real paying job yet. Still volunteer at ECHO and now I am on call to be a sub teach (very scary)! Also looking into a few other cool volunteering gigs while applying to jobs and working on small house stuff. Buys busy :) Oh and Dave is working in Costa Rica for 2 weeks! Click here for more pix.