Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lassen Volcanic National Park – Highly Under-mentioned

Lassen Volcanic National Park was never on my list, but it was sorta on the way home, so why not. I think it was mentioned in the NP documentary series and how often does one visit volcanoes?

One night Chris and I discussed happiness. Happiness & bliss is an inner feeling your breath and feel in your soul. You will know when it happens. Try not to seek it so hard. I feel like a Buddhist at times and Alaska is my meditation.
My simple question to anyone is “Are you happy”? This does not need to be over analyzed as I have done so in the past. If you are not happy, change something. But what is the definition of happiness? Well, if you were to die, say, tomorrow and are ok with that then I think you are happy with your life.
We need self-motivation, support, an open mind, attached w/ good personality and confidence to make such changes. I have a vague plan but ok with it changing, mentally ok. The options that lay before me are all pretty rad. So whichever path I choose will be awesome. I appreciate what I had and have, and if that is all, then so be it. Click here for pix.

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