Wednesday, August 31, 2011

YOSEMITE – The Sierras & John Muir

Everyone kept telling me Yosemite is great and I tried hard to keep my expectations low. The scenery is amazing and happy I visited. It’s a different landscape from the oh so many amazing national parks we have. This is National Park #16 on this trip and 26 total. There are 58 national parks in the US. 

Watching the national park series was such a great American history lesson. I recommend watching the first one at least. There are so many outstanding people and even politicians and rich folks that fought hard and long to preserve these parks for us to enjoy. One of the many reasons I am thankful for being here today. 

On a side note, I realized that Chris brings out my weirdness. I was goofy as a kid and feel comfortable being silly around him. He gets my jokes and we have fun going off weird side discussion tangents. We were high school friends back in NY, lost touch for 10 years and discovered via mutual friend and facebook that we live in PDX. Yup another crazy friendship connection story. 

One discussion example: Chris mentions he likes watching survival shows to know what to do and how to avoid death. But if you are always on the couch watching, you still can die I tell Chris. Glad I got to spend time in such a great park w/ one of my closest friends.  Click here for some awesome pix.

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