Monday, February 6, 2012

New Life i VT

It’s been 2 weeks since I moved to Burlington, VT. I feel pretty adjusted so far while keeping busy. I volunteer a regular 5 hr shift at ECHO. Lots to learn about their animals and their interactive learning displays they have us manage. It’s slow season now but a good time to start.

I signed up for a pottery class w/ UVM, which I love to do. I did one class in PDX and managed to make a few acceptable things. I think of nothing else but the piece I am working on, it's such a great meditation activity.
I’ve also enjoyed cooking again. And soon I will be doing a work for trade exchange with a nearby yoga studio. Basically I help 2-3 hrs a week w/ receptionist duty and even some data entry and then I take 2-3 classes a week for free. The owner is a cool lady and was very excited about this arrangement.

Also Dave's friend just opened a brewery and asked if I wanted to pour beers, which is something i always wanted to do. And honey gets to come! So basically all of my “work” is standing and interacting with the public; totally opposite of most of my past jobs. It’s mentally tiring talking to so many people. People here are super nice and all this interacting is actually a good thing for a newbee in town to be doing. On a way smaller scale, Burlington truly does remind me of Portland, which I still miss. Speaking of PDX, Dave is currently there for a few days for work. I wish I could have went.

The winter is mild this year, but still 20 deg colder than NYC and cold enough for me. I have not had much time or desire to check out the “city”. But come Spring, I will be out and about with the camera to explore my new area. It feels odd not to have my big camera with me wherever I go these days.

The past year has been a great roller coaster ride and it felt like time to stay put and start my new career. There’s some adjusting to get back to a more regular routine and Dave has been super helpful, sweet, and patient as we adjust to a new life. Of course, I will be looking for a paid job (but one that I want in the field of environmental education) and having benefits again will be a nice relief. Will see what happens, it all takes time but I have a good feeling about this town. Click here for more pix.