Monday, September 26, 2011

Savannah - Charming & Haunted

Dave and I did not know much about Savannah and had no real plan. We arrived around 2pm and decided to hit the beach, as it was so muggy. The water was cooler than SC, but greatly welcomed. After a few hours in the sun, we checked out the only campground.

Dave brought a winter tent and there was hardly any ventilation. He toughed it out somehow inside w/ little sleep, while I slept on my sleeping pad and sleep sheet outside the tent. There were lots of mosquitoes, birds, and homeless kitties. I heard an owl hooting which was cool.

Next day, tiredly we headed into Savannah to check the city. Walking around the beautiful town is what I love to do and tried to make the best of it despite the humidity. We noticed there was a Jazz Festival at the park and caught the last show that night after a great meal at Alligators Soul. Yeah, gators just follow us on this trip.
We stayed in the city and the next day met up w/ my college friend Siobhan and her husband Anthony, whom I have not seen since graduation. It was neat catching up while talking about college years. I had an awesome beer porter chili at the Distillery. Siobhan clued me in some of Savannah’s hauntings; wish I had thought to do a haunting tour. 
 Next day had a 6:45am flight to Asheville, NC. Yeah, that’s the price you pay for using your miles. Click here for more pix.

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