Thursday, September 8, 2011

Travel Thoughts: Being Vs Consuming Or Nature Vs City Part 1

I have been hiking since I was 19, but always lived in big cities, even in Malta! I must have done a 100 hikes in Oregon but everything was rushed. Talkin and walkin w/ others then go back to the city life just like that. It took me this long to realize what it is to connect with nature and below are some thoughts along the way. They may sound extreme and I am not sorry for them!

The numerous negative impacts of technology, that we do not see or realize for the most part, does NOT outweigh the positives for me. We loose touch with nature, we loose touch with each other, with humanity, our own species. We don’t even need human interaction to reproduce these days. Something is wrong with that to me. We do animal experiments and find a way to create in an unnatural way. Why can’t we accept what we are given, we try to fight and take control over nature. I think people would be happier if they appreciate what they have and not focus on what they don’t have. State of mind is one of the many running themes for me these past 6 months on the road!

I hear from women that they have a real connection to life and nature when being with child, which makes sense to me. But I realized that it is not the only way to feel such a connection. Surrounding yourself w/ nature, taking the TIME to breath and CLEAR your mind can yield such a connection too.
 A friend of a friend made a good observation that while we wait in a room for a table at a restaurant, many are on their phones, communicating with someone else. I have also noticed this phone addiction of people who know each other sitting at the same table. This leads me to ask then why dine or be with others, if you are not truly there? Shall we make dates w/ each other’s physical bodies and expect the other not to be present with us? Why even both at all? Technology and city living offers way too many distractions, preventing us to live in the moment.

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