Monday, September 30, 2013

Quick Fall

Seems like fall came and went already. We had sunnier days  this month than in August and not as much rain, I think. But the air is crisp. I had to start scraping frost off my windshield!  Sadly, I have not hiked much this month as I hoped. 

It's pretty funny I never imagined life would be so busy in Alaska. But in a way when you know half the town and most are creative and motivated beings, surrounded by so much beauty and space, it's easy to get lost in time. Not to mention working for a nonprofit that is all about community can keep one pretty pretty pretty busy :)
I learned what it was like to be a single mom for a week while caring for a friends two kids. Great kids but wow I missed my alone/free time. Not sure how a single parent work and care for their little one(s). The cat kept me up lots of nights so that was the worst of it. I also learned never have a schedule with kids, it won't stick.

We went across the bay and picked raspberries then late attending a naked goddess clothing exchange party. The best shopping ever. It's so odd how much free stuff there is here. Food from my farming friends, fish from people with boats, and all sorts of clothing and winter gear from friends and even strangers at times. And this town is hands down the best potlucks ever.

Click here for some colorful pix! Happy Fall!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Fishing and Burning Basket

Gosh it's been 2 weeks since my last post and I can hardly recall what I have been up to. I did start going to what we call the training room, a circuit training thing 2-3x a week an hour at a time. I despise workouts, never been a gym fan but this is not a gym. No machines, no pool, no come as you please. There's a few classes a week and you can't be late.

It goes by fast as you do various activities to work out different parts of your body for 30 seconds at a time. I hope to not only get in better shape, maybe get a little strong but to also get some energy as winter approaches. So far my abs are sore!

It's been rainy but still busy with events and bdays. We just had our 10th annual basket burning. "..experience of community interactive, impermanent art..." ""Follow the nose of your curiosity, the sparks of your imagination, and the desire of your hands to engage the natural world in a unique way, and deepen its mystery." 

I will be taking care of Kammi's two little ones for a full week. I suspect my next post will contain cute images of them :)

Click here for some boat trip/fish pix and huge ass basket burn on the bech.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Grace Ridge Hike Across the Bay

Jackie, her friend Megan and I set off at 9 am to drop off our gear and food at kayak beach yurt then the water taxi continued down to let us off at the South end of the Grace Ridge Hike. We hiked one way 8.9 miles, 3,100 feet up and down back to the yurt to camp the night. We started around 10:30 and got to the yurt at 7. We took our time, had lunch, rested in the meadows, picked and niblle on some wild low bush blue berries. Jackie had to be pulled away as she is a berry nut!

It was steep once you got near the top and a little muddy so i was mindful not to slip and fall back onto my friends. I was worried about my knee; it has been aching again this summer when i walk some times. Knee was fine but my heels burned and I was wearing the hiking boots I wore for a year all over the US...I borrowed one of Jackie's hiking poles, which I do not like to use b/c your hands are even less free for pix, but I am sure it helped.

The day was cloudy in Homer and started raining but it stopped and later in the afternoon we even saw patches of blue sky and some sun rays! I felt like i was on one of my out of country travels, which I use to do yearly and now its been almost 2 years since i left the US. There's so many great things to do in AK and even in Homer, but visually speaking this was the most epic for me. I would love to do this at least annually just  should get more in shape beforehand to avoid ache legs. Click here for pix.