Thursday, September 20, 2012

Homer "Rose" News

Well things are coming along here. Actually its been a whirlwind week. I got a few viable job options literally 3 in a week. So I am training, exploring, shadowing, and thinking how to make this all work into a realistic schedule. I won't go in to all of the details just yet, should know more by the end of the month/early Oct.

One of the jobs is working with a talented website guy. I would basically bring in new clients and assist with front end stuff so he can concentrate on the programming. There's a few other cool business projects we can connect with and create here. In the long run, this will offer me flexible work that can be done anywhere. I can do this at my own time and pace so this is a great side job to do. I am excited about working w/ my friend and learning more. I also plan to spend time on my own projects, which I have a hand full of ideas. I figured Alaska is a great place for home projects in the winter time and Homer is a supportive, creative community to do just that! Busy busy winter for me, which I am totally excited about.

I'm also just got a used 93 chevy from Rick's son Ben. It's small (just a 2 seater) w/ 100K miles, 4x4 and studded tires which is great here in winter. It's not in excellent condition, so I am working on fixing it up a bit. Yes, I know it's not the greenest thing to do and wish i could get a hybrid but that would not work on the roads out here. All we can do is what we can to have a lesser footprint, but I still fly and use oil, so not many (including myself) strive to be completely green.  I just don't want to make my winter harder than it is going to be with the cold and dark. It also helps to have a ride for work. I plan on using it in town and biked this month. I've come to enjoy the biking as u get to see so much more than when being in a car. But is has been rainy (almost flooding in some parts) and crazy winds lately, which I don't like to bike in.

Anyway, lots of changes and just figured out the housing thing. I was being picking wanting something close/in town and with running water to avoid using an outhouse all winter long. Looks like I will winter house site starting mid Nov which is a common thing to do here b/c lots of people leave for most, if not all of winter. This is a friend's friend and is a pretty sweet place and gig. But I will need to couch surf a few times in oct, nov and jan and have kind friends that will host me. Can't have it all as they say :)  but it saves me $ that went to the truck....

Well, as summer has ended here I am posting a pix album of some random Homer hikes I got to explore. TX Homer!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Glacier & Homer

After Talkeetna, we pushed on through and passed Anchorage to make the long way down to Homer, which was 7 hrs more of driving in that day. About an hour south of ANC, we took a nice break to take a 1 hr boat ride to see Portage Glacier. Another first experience for the rents. It was chilly but they enjoyed it.
Then I drove down to Homer. At dusk, you really need to watch out for moose, which we saw a few by the road. We took it a little easy in Homer. Visiting Neil & Kyra's cool place, checking out the market which I worked and doing small drives just to show them the different parts of Homer.

On Sunday morning, we crossed to bay to visit my friends. Did a little bit of fishing on a windy day. Then kayaked the next day on a calmer, sunny day. The weather really held up for us overall on this trip. We had about 2 days of rain out of 10. Parents left on Tues and I am trying to catch up on things. It was cool that they came up and tried a lot of new things. I wanted to how them why I love AK so much. We had a whirlwind trip so its hard to take it all in and enjoy the moment.
In other news. It looks like I have to move so I am looking at lots of housing options, applying for jobs, and even looking into a used, cheap truck as some jobs needs a car. It really depends how close to town I live. But in cold winter it would be nice to have one to food shop and visit friends so I don't become a complete hermit. I've been talking to everyone about winter here so I can mentally prepare. Looks like I need to buy cleats too as the roads and sidewalks get icy. The weather varies so its also tough to predict here nowadays. Click here for pix.

Friday, September 7, 2012


We made pretty good timing in Fairbanks with all the sights, so we headed to Denali a day earlier than planned. It was an early day at 5am as we drove 2ish hrs to catch the 9:30 bus to Eilsen. Denali is all by bus and you should book them in advance. 
We went about 4 hrs in to the park. It was cloudy and rainy at first but then the sun came out. There were heavy winds in Homer, Anchorage and even Denali. We did not see the mt but saw lots of wildlife at east, including some grizzlies. We then spent the night there and headed all the way to Homer the next day. 

On the way to Homer, we stopped at Talkeetna for breakfast at the road house for famous sourdough hotcakes. I wanted them to at least see Talkeetna and enjoy good food. And lucky for me, I ran into my couch surfing friends from last year. Then back on the road to Homer.

More soon, for now enjoy the Denali pix, by clicking here.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


We stayed in Fairbanks 3 nights and did a few side trips. Great weather overall, but long, early days for us. We knew this would be a jammed packed trip, but its hitting us. I had no idea how early my parents like to wake up. It’s killing me.
We visited the hot springs, which was the parents first time ever. Could not believe it. We also went to the north pole as we had some spare time. Then the botanical gardens and hiking and birds. Click here for pix.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Drive from Anc to Fairbanks with the rents

I had to take a flight to Anchorage from Homer after work on Sat. which was short and sweet; a 40 min flight vs 5hr drive. I got to hang out with my couch surfing friend, Kerby, which was great. Just wished we had more time to chill. The next morning I met the parents and we headed for the long drive to Fairbanks. Dad wanted to go there and I have never been that far up in AK.

The 6.5 hr drive was beautiful and we had a nice sunny day. Dad loves to drive but goes pretty darn fast so we made good timing. I was taking tons of shots from the fast moving car and dad would get excited over the sights that he would pull over and order me to take pix! We were all exhausted when we arrived in Fairbanks, so after settling in to the b&b, which was my parents first time, we headed out for dinner.

Click here for great pix of the drive. We were welcomed by a full double rainbow!

And the winner is????

I’ve decided to continue with my crazy path and stay in Alaska. It’s hard to understand if you never been to AK or even to the North West. I just connect better with the lifestyle and mentality here than in the East Coast. The community in Homer is just awesome. Super nice, open minded, creative, unique, and fun (u know the drill). You can be yourself here, invent yourself. I’ve met so many youths in their 20s doing their own thing for work. It’s unbelievable. People are content here and it’s a catchy thing!

I don’t have a job yet, but applying to some. I am planning to spend my free time exploring my own creative projects that I have been meaning to do since last year! Here, there’s support and a nurturing environment.

Can’t say how long I will be here 6 months, a year, 2, but if I make it through winter, I should stay next summer. Will see what happens. I won’t be visiting the East Coast till probably Oct 2013 for a family wedding. Honey will still stay with my parents as it’s a better place for her. I miss her dearly and that’s still a hard part of all this.

This will be a winter like none other and should be an interesting experience in numerous ways. I guess after this, I can live anywhere cold in the US. Homer does not get as cold as the North like Fairbanks but we all know I dislike the cold and this is cold nonetheless.

Here’s a homer hikin album I have been slowly collecting all summer long. I figured I will make a fall/winter one to post separately. Enjoy!