Friday, September 9, 2011

What's after Portland?

If I got a $1 every time I am asked that, it would be radical. On 9/17 very early I fly to Hilton Head, SC for an amazing ecotourism conference that I volunteered for last year in PDX. Then will check out Savannah, GA as it is close to Hilton head, heard great things about it, and even have a college friend there (thanks facebook).

Then heading to Asheville, NC to give it another go and a bit more time. I was there in March but only for one rainy night. Then a long painful bus ride to visit one of my closest friend, Kelly, in Boone, NC. After that I am spending a long weekend in VT as I have a good friend there and I have never been. On this leg of the trip I will be visiting 3 new states: GA, SC, VT.That will be 41 states I have been to in my lifetime.

Finally, via another long bus day on 10/11 going to NYC to care for my beloved babygirl, honzabear. My parents want a week long vacay and they deserve the dog break. I am very excited to see Honey! I decided to stay in nyc for 3 weeks up until Halloween. It is my fav holiday and have not been in nyc for it since I left 5 years ago. I am super stoked. I am also looking forward to some alone time and chillin w/ new and old friends there. All in moderation, of course.

After NYC I have no clue.  Peace Corps can still be an option, so that can be a plan C, if all else fails. I’m working on some ideas and hope to know in a month! Whew, now you know!

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