Friday, August 12, 2011

Seattle Part 1 – Familiar Faces in a Familiar Place

I am staying now with Kawika, whom I met in Dec in a Hawaiian airport. He was also in Juneau briefly while I was there and we met for a drink. It’s been wicked cool getting to know him as we have tons in common. I also have a few acquaintances to meet up with while I'm here.

I’ve been to Seattle a hand full of times for work, but never got to explore it much. I am also using this time to catch up on “work” - blog, photos, laundry, research, life planning. Yeah, I have a lot of work ahead of me. I was hoping to cacth up on sleep, but Kawika operates on 4-5 hrs.
So far highlights of my time here: seeing familiar faces - a member from my old job in NYC, former colleauge at MN, newly homeless guy I met while picking up trash, troll under the bridge, running into a guy who rode my bus in PDX to/from work (yeah crazy run in). Going to the Ballard Locks.
 I am here for a few more days and will do a part 2 posting. Click here for more pix. 

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