Monday, August 22, 2011

Oregon Coast & CA Redwoods Park

I took a full day to go though, resort my boxes and give more things away. Still hard to do when not knowing my next steps. But it is ok. It was like xmas seeing my old fun clothes and jewelery. Also fun to pack for my future "homes" in AK & HI.  Next day on Wed am, Chris and I headed south to begin our 2 week CA road trip.

Next two days got up before 7am to go to the next campsite since we did not have reservations. The Prarie Creek Redwoods State Park was full so we headed towards Gold Bluff Beach, with 2 spots left and one was in a nice isolated area.

One day we woke up naturally at 8am and stayed put 2 nights, which was nice but still nackered by the end of the day. Lots of great trees to explore. I have done this drive about 6 years ago from PDX to San Diego but in 6 days. I don't recall much of it and was not into digi film yet, so its been nice taking the time to enjoy this beautiful place. This is my 2nd National Park that I have revisited there's just too many!

Traveling w/ Chris has been fun talking about our old high school days in NY. Chris has never been in CA and does not travel a whole lot so he is learning as we go.

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