Friday, August 12, 2011

Alternative Life Styles

It’s been such a wonderful experience meeting so many different people and learning how they live. Life does not have to be a 9-5 workday with weekends to do errands and have just a few hrs. for fun. There are many opportunities, you just need to GO out and explore them. Take a RISK; no one said life is easy and nothing is a guarantee. 
 Yes, some people are lucky to have great paying jobs; they can travel extensively, comfy and afford to have multiple houses, etc. But there are others who work hard and earn less, yet still enjoy their lives by making small sacrifices to “have it all”. You can be happy with less, just need to discover what makes you happy and do what it takes to get there. "The best things in life, are not things."

Living in AK or any remote place w/ extreme weather is not easy but people make it and they are happy. They want the outcome badly and will endure the process to get it. The good is really good and the bad is bad. I want the sustainable benefits and simple life, but it is not so simple to obtain. I can’t imagine doing hard labor every day. This is why most of us opt to pay others for such services (to do the dirty work) such as building a house, setting up plumbing and heat, growing veggies, raising animals, filleting the fish, etc.

I never thought I would be a non-city person. Gosh, I have changed so much as I was so into clothing and fashion in my teenage years. Maybe I over dosed on the city life :) Cities have lots of distractions. I find that having less distractions in a small town has given me more TIME. The time I was seeking to enjoy nature and this life we have on this planet.  Certainly, Alaska and this way of living is not for all. Once we are in a city and accustomed to that beat, we don’t give another lifestyle a second thought or even a first. But that's ok, gives us wild people more nature to enjoy :)

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