Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Warf Friends - luv yourself, luv your LIFE!! you will be surrounded & overwhelmed by LUV

The wharf and sea were calling me. I saw it from afar & felt I had to visit one dock in particular. A lady came out of one of the floating houses that I just took a photo of & started talking. It was 1pm & she had a few drinks, but she was harmless & so entertaining. After an hr, we went inside for a few drinks. 5 hrs later I had to meet up w/ Gerard for dinner. Again, nice not to have such a fix schedule :)

I befriended the two French-Canadians (J & P) who built & live on the houseboat. They have been working & living by the sea for 27 years. P. is considered the mayor of the 33 residents on the wharf.

I ended up not going to Orcas Island  (giving me an extra 3 days here), since I did not know anyone in Orcas, not many couchsurfers there, no car, & ferry gets you in at 11pm. I therefore couch surfed at the French Connection w/o using the cs website.

That is actually how P. ended up living here. He was just visiting, met some people, extended his stay & just stayed. J. took me for an awesome, long day starting at 6am, driving around the island, visiting friends, sites and a killer pricey steak w/ a view (even though it was lunch at 6pm). My luck just keeps on going, but it is not just luck.

Oh yeah almost forgot  J's van totally broke down in the middle of the highway, but we scooted to the right to get out of the way. A friend drove over w/ some water & oil. Though it was a bigger problem but  got us 20 mins down to his other friends house then got a lift back home.

It was truly like I was seeing a tv show, but it was real and happening to me. The best channel ever! P. said he would be happy to see me on the couch when he woke instead of J. taking me to catch the 610am ferry. It’s so nice to have people want u to stay longer and breaks my heart to have to leave each time. Click here for pix

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