Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back to the US & mainland-Agh – Olympic National Park-YAY

On my way to WA, US Border control asked me why I visited Canada. Me: Visiting friends.  Him: who are these friends? Me: hum one is a photographer, etc. Him: no, not what they do, who are they? Me: Hum, Lisa, Deniz, etc. Him: How did u met them? Me: Hum, you know how u just meet people and make friends, like that. Oh yeah one is a friend of a friend. Him: Ok...... I thought to myself, I better not mention couch surfing or I just met people on the wharf, etc….Man, such an odd exchange! But when u think about how we make friends, for the most part we were strangers at first and met randomly and then became friends.....
Speaking of friends, Pete, a friend I met years ago in PDX through mutual friends, came to Port Angels to get me and do a quick day trip. I thought man if Pete does not make it for some reason I would be stranded there.....Pete moved to seattle recently for work & we wanted to check out Olympic National Park. Yeah sadly, only a day & mine started at 5am, but it was gorgeous. so hard to capture the beauty, but i tried! 

I think this is the only NP I visited 2x. I was here 5 yrs ago when I first moved to PDX w/o a job, but had my 2 dogs w/ me so could not hike :( Click here for pix.

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