Thursday, August 4, 2011

City & Beach Life- Vancouver

From Bellingham, WA I took the 2hr train ride to Vancouver, BC to visit some friends. I discovered not only was it pride weekend, but it was also a providence holiday. So lots more people than normal. Vancouver is a very touristy place, so many international visitors and international transients, more than NYC. It’s kinda cool in that regard but kinda odd as there’s no unity or community feeling. It was a huge shock coming from remote places and islands of AK. People are very pretty and fashionable here, kinda makes me ill how consumerism focus it is. But I faired well.

First, I stayed w/ Lisa, whom I met through Greg D. & wwoofed and traveled w/ in UT in April. It was great seeing her, especially since she is moving back to Aussie in 2 weeks. Then I stayed w/ a cs friend, Deniz, whom I met 3 years ago here.

It was nice to be w/ familiar faces. Though I am not alone much when traveling, the conversations tend to repeat & there’s never enough time to know each other. I am excited to visit more friends in Seattle & PDX. Even though friends will want to hear about my travels, I hope to have regular friendship talks like the old days.

I stayed a day longer than planned to enjoy the sunny days at the park and the largest, clothing optional Wreck beach. It was cool to see people so relaxed and not caring a world about how they looked. Very free indeed. Deniz & I rode bikes there; its been a yr since I rode and awesome to go down hills!

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