Tuesday, August 9, 2011

British Island – Victoria, BC

I decided after much debate to visit touristy Victoria on Vancouver Island. I heard it is pretty but I worried it would be all show and not my cup of tea. It is known for its British influence and style, but not sure what the whole story is there.I also heard it is nice if u have a  car to check out more of the big island, which I did not rent.

A friend in Vancouver, Eugenia, whom I unfortunately I missed as she was out of town recommended I stay w/ her friend Gerard. I had no plans or expectations here, which I find is always best. 

He was super nice to pick me up at the ferry, gave me a quick tour of downtown via his motorbike and a great dinner. Seems like we were old friends. He also just got back from spending a few months in Europe. What a trooper to host and show me around!

I walked around on my own for the first two days as Gerard had work and life to catch up on. It was nice to have some alone time again, be alone w/ my thoughts as I have so much to process.  I am very glad I came to visit here as you can't go by people's advice for anywhere. It's all opinionated and you really make your own trip! There's a part 2 to this story that I need to work on... Click here for pix.

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