Friday, July 29, 2011

Welcoming in Sitka & National Historical Park

On my 4.5 hr ferry ride to Sitka, I befriended a native artist, Jamie.  Travelling w/ his son to sell his wood artwork. He’s from Angoon, pop 400 on Admiralty “bear” island. Jamie gave me a shark tooth necklace and his friend gave me a ride to town. I learned that natives hunt seals and are allowed to hunt whales. 

I felt right at home as soon as I got off the ferry. I ran into the 2 CA girls from the wwoofing farm on Shelter Island. I couchsurfed w/ Larissa, a photo/art teacher from Sitka. Many flowers to smell while strolling through town and welcomed by all.

Spent the whole next day at Sitka National Historical Park. Not many visitors, allowing me to really connect w/ nature. I would luv to work here, such an inviting place w/ great spiritual airflow; felt so comfy.

I met a well-known AK photographer at his book signing who recognized me from the ferry from Juneau. We got to chatting and went for a hike to photograph some waterfalls. He is staying w/ a friend who is friends w/ my host Larissa. He also knows two non-AK people I know from totally different networks. Small world for sure! We also are taking the same ferry out of Sitka.

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