Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Juneau Wwoofing Intro

Augustin, 19 yr old French guy/wwoofer and Rick picked me up from the ferry on 6/29. We got into the skiff, put our bags in bins and wrapped one w/ tarp to protect from the sea water, needed rubber boots and off to a pretty, quiet, off the grid island we went. Deja vu as it was so similar to my first AK experience, which was wwoofing near Homer.
Augustin speaks English but not perfectly, we have to explain what beans, dears, beavers, sugar etc. are. Not only does he have a language challenge, but also has a huge culture shock by living so remotely for the first time.

They ran a small fishing boat biz and lodge, which ended two years ago when the laws changed making it hard for them to compete w/ big businesses. Juneau is the capitol of AK and there is a lot of fish politics here. They attended college courses (w/o getting a degree) to run their business and build their home efficiently, i.e. Renewable Energy, Accounting, Construction, etc. That was so interesting to me as most of us go to college to get a job.
Before dinner we say a pagan grace to give thanks to nature. We hold hands and say something we are thankful for; it is optional to participate. So far so good except my back is killing me. More soon; lots to catch up on here, which takes time to capture :)

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