Friday, July 29, 2011

Cemeteries, Rapture Center, Nighttime fog walk, Mosquito Trail

My first night, I met a couple through Larissa who gets their own meet by hunting/fishing after their day jobs. They make use of the whole animal, eating the meat, boiling the skulls and using the fur for décor. Kinda felt ucky but I think it is good for us meat eaters to go through the entire process to better understand and appreciate the final product that we eat. And at least they make use of all the parts.

Next day, I visited the Russian bishop house, one of the few surviving examples of Russian colonial architecture in North America. Also visited the infamous Alaska Raptor Center. My last night in AK, felt compelled to walk around in the fog after a nice King Salmon dinner at home.

Definitely recognized some pros and cons to living in small town. Pros: you can really make your mark, be known, respected, trusted, and have a real voice in a community. You count as a person and can make a difference quicker. Con: everyone knows you, so not much privacy and freedom to be your true self. 
On the other hand, it can be free and liberating in a small town. We make the town and rules and have the space vs. being crammed in a city and trapped in red tape. 

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