Friday, July 22, 2011

Juneau - Mt Roberts Peak & Flume Hike

In Juneau, Richard and his family welcomed me in. Richard went to college w/ Casey, whom I hosted in PDX last Fall. And I will be couchsurfing w/ Casey in Cali I later in August!

On Tues meet up w/ friend Holly as she works for one of the cruise ships, we did a quick stop at Mendenhall Glacier. Many cruises stop in town for a few hours. I  met Holly last yr in PDX at the ecotourism conference and she left PDX last winter.  Yeah, lots of crazy connections going on here. In a few hours, I met so many people who lived in PDX at some point. Including Richard, while I was in PDX too.

The 2nd day, I lucked out with a gorgeous, sunny day, so I hiked on Mount Roberts at 3,819 ft. Amazing mt views and made new friends on the way. 

Later that night, new Swedish friend Tobias and I had a nice barley wine to go while walking the Flume trail. Juneau has tons of hiking and is a walkable town. My calves are killing me as I have not majorly hiked in a few weeks.

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  1. Nice picture...beautiful landscape..I sent some pics to you, hope you got them.