Sunday, July 17, 2011

Shelter Island Wwoofing Projects

Our first day of work was to clean the hot tub, a weekly chore. While cleaning, we saw a pod of whales, at least 7 of them. I have never seen so many at once; breathtaking. Some nights when soaking, I can hear the whales bursting for air, but can’t see them as it is getting dark by 10pm now. When I do see one, I am stunned by their enormity and beauty. Seeing and hearing them is a daily, amazing occurrence!

I cleared my first trail ever to set up an outhouse by my wwoofer cabin. Had to trim bushes, branches and skunk lettuce (plant); all which was either composted or turned in to chips for the trail. Next day I got to start digging a hole. This has been the most backbreaking work with so many roots to battle.

We also rebuilt a trail and staircase with huge stones. So much time to do such a small section and lots of trial and error as this was new for us. Everyday when I close my eyes I see nature; images of what I have been working on that day, from soil to rocks to rhubarb to strawberries. Yes, one day I spent about 3 hrs picking strawberries, gets uncomfy trying to reach the many ones in the middle patch. Don’t get me wrong the pictures taken are cool and the scenery is worthwhile. All of us work hard and all jobs require a different hardship.

Wwoofing is for those who seeking to learn something new, embrace hard work (physical and manual labor). Must be adaptable, get along w/ others, not have much need for privacy, have an open mind, patience and be flexible. And don’t mind getting their hands, body, clothes dirty and wet. Don’t expect a daily shower at most places or being able to do laundry either.

I am learning so much and have so many thoughts it is hard to digest and don’t have clean hands or pen/paper accessible while working, I am certain I missed some stories here. 

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