Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fishing, Crabbing then Canning

We caught 9 pink salmon in 2 hours with a lure, never had seen so many fish caught so quickly. It’s a little tricky bringing them in and they put up a fight. I ain't that into fishing but wanted to try to catch one. I tried to kill my catch but did not have enough force for the blow; poor thing.  I opted out of cleaning the guts out though. My tummy ain't strong enough for that.

The next day we via boat we set down some crab traps, lets see how we do! Riding on a skiff with lightweight reminds me of surfing. It glides us over the smooth waves while fresh air greets our faces.

The day after that, I got to can 7 of the salmon; very slimy process :( Cutting the collar bone, fins, and filleting the tail. Making 16 jars then go into a pressure cooker, which I have never used before. In for 90 mins about 15 pounds of pressure, then shut it off.  Cool it down before opening it up and checking to ensure the lids are sealed. Food can last forever this way.

Click here for more pix.  Warning some of the pix are graphic and gross.

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