Monday, July 4, 2011

Close Bear Encounter

Mike and I shared one bear spray. Just when I finished peeing, I looked back and saw a black bear about 30 yards away. He saw me but took no interest. I freaked out and quickly walked towards the woods and camp, looked backed, and then ran to Mike when I did not see the bear. I kept looking back to ensure he was not following me while trying not to fall. I thought to myself, what if he is right behind me, what the hell do I do?

The bear came towards us and we held our hands up high and walked back and up to the left on top of a hill. I could not believe this was really happening. Bear slowly came towards us but then continued onward and swam across the bay entry. I could not believe how quiet he was and that I did not hear him being so close to me.

Looking back at this, I am reminded of the horror movies and the women running through the woods. I did not think I was going to die, I think. Hard to remember as it happened so fast. I could not really think then, I just remember freaking out and feeling helpless. I told Mike we had to pee together. He laughed and of course we did not.

I slept with my pocketknife in hand and exchanged family contact info with Mike that night. It’s nerve wrecking camping in bear country cause you can’t see a thing in the tent and you wonder how many, if any, passes by while you sleep. I look around with every noise I heard. I thought I heard scratching once by the tent so I grabbed the spray.

Before we turned in, we had to make sure we had no food and chap stick in our pockets and make sure there’s no food stains on our clothes. Also peeing in bear country as a chick is not easy. Have to look for a good spot, sometimes I circle around and feel like a dog in doing so. Always look out for bears, make sure you don’t pee yourself, and protect your bum from mosquitoes. I brought a very limited supply of tissue and Mike forgot that entirely.

Did not have my camera on me during that time. The last bear pix located above in this post was taken in Girdwood town. No photo album on this post.

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