Saturday, July 23, 2011

More Juneau Hiking & Brewery

Tobias and I ventured by bus to hike near Mendenhall glacier but the record-breaking floods had something else in store for us.

After failed hiking attempts we went to Alaska Brewery. Normally u get 6 free samples, we scored about 10. I had a nice chat w/ a Bed & Breakfast owner in AK and HI, originally from NJ. He gave me his card as he lives on the Big Island. I swear I have made more HI connections in AK than in HI.
 We then met up w/ my friend, Kwaika from Seattle, He happens to be in Juneau w/ his friends. I met Kawika last December in a Hawaii airport. I’ll be seeing more of him when I chill in Seattle early August.
Very late night w/ about 2 hrs of sleep. Somehow the next day without a nap I managed to hike on my last full day here. I walked an hr or so to Perseverance trail.  Later met up w/ local couchsurfers briefly and retired home.

Had to wake up before 7am to catch a ferry to Sitka! Juneau was a great city and so cool to have met some old friends, while making new ones. I never want to leave a place I visit in AK and it will be difficult to figure out which place I’d like to stay next summer!

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