Thursday, July 21, 2011

Last wwoof posting

Last posting on wwoofing in AK and perhaps for the year, as I have no plans to wwoof anywhere else.
Our first sunny day, about a week on this island, we went kayaking. Headed towards Admiralty Island, home to the highest density of brown bears in North America. An estimated 1,600 brown bears inhabit the island, outnumbering Admiralty's human residents nearly three to one. “Great”, I thought to meself. Augustin really wanted to go and since he is not familiar w/ kayaking, I went with him. Like most young guys or even just youngish travelers visiting AK, they want to see a bear and visit the bus from the notable book and film “Into the Wild”. I grow tired of hearing these requests; there’s so much more AK has to offer.

Anyway, the funny thing is we did not see any bears. I think when someone wants or expects too much of something, they loose sight of it. I try to not have any expectations so then I am always content, and usually pleasantly surprised. I think one will see/get what they want when least expected and not seeking it.
I will miss picking my own salad every day, honey in a honey jar, making my hot tub hot and soaking in it, hearing the whales, home made wine, and wearing rubber boots as a necessary not a fashion statement.

This last wwoofing place was hard work and it took time to adjust to the lifestyle. It also let my creativity pour out with my writing, which has been dead for a few years. The payoffs are rewarding and was a great way to spend my final days in wonderful Alaska. I was re-encouraged that we do not need much to live and it is possible for me to be here and live differently. As Rick B. says, "you create your own reality"! Thank you for sharing your magical island with me.

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