Sunday, July 17, 2011

Green Living PART 2: Tanks, Recycling, Another Wwoofing Site

There’s a 1,000 gallon septic tank underground, which needs to be emptied once a year. They add yeast to it to eat the yucky stuff, which also lessens the smell. All of this is hard work for them, but they enjoy their lifestyle. They live here full time and go to town once a week for mail and supply, but imagine in winter times when it is 30 below!

We don’t flush the toilet if it is yellow (yes we have a toilet!) and burn the pee-pee tissues. We do flush w/ paper if it is brown. Each flush takes 3 gallons of water. You really conserve when you have to work hard for these resources. 

When you have less, you use less.  That’s an easy statement, but when truly thinking about it, it has more depth to it. We should live (or are at least experience) this way to consume less and appreciate what we have. All of our ancestors did). 

Augustin was brave to shower by the waterfall on a cloudy, cool day after a hard days work. I semi did it on a sunny day :) We do not run the hot tub every night; that would be a lot of wood, creating more work.

There is another wwoofer farm 15 min walk. Talk about rustic but fun living. See album w/ captions. The owner, another Rick, is super rad.And we had a great nite w/ music and beach fire.

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