Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Yuba State Park & Salt Lake City

The next day in Capitol Reef, we did a quick 3.5 loop hike called Chimney then north we headed. We stayed at Yuba State Park as an in between to Salt Lake City (SLC) and we lucked out with a campsite by the lake, surrounded by snow-capped mts. Very pretty place; even the bathrooms were amazing with a shower and warmish running water. Oh another thing I just remembered that I miss is cooking proper meals in a real kitchen and washing dishes in a sink vs. a plastic bucket. The bucket does the job for the most part; sometimes things are still soapy and a little grimy. But sux to have cold wet hands at night, which Greg has been enduring mostly.
SLC was never a stop we had in mind, but we made some plan changes for two reasons. 1. Greg has to be back in Denver for a follow up surgery doc visit 6 weeks from surgery. it’s been 2 weeks now. 2. Greg’s friend Lisa got a plane ticket to SLC and will join us for a week camping at Canyon Lands NP & Arches NP. Then we will head out to an organic farm and vineyard for 2 weeks of wwoofing, which I am so stoked about, doing for my first time.  I will be writing a story about it for TIES, the ecotourism association that I am volunteering for while on the road. Man, can one stay busy while not working. So more on this later on.

I never thought I’d be in SLC. It is a fairly sized city, not as many high buildings as Denver. But it is so pretty with so many mts surrounding it. This is what I envisioned Boulder, CO would look like the way it was described to me so many yrs ago. I just had no clue there were so many ski mts in Utah! And the main library is a modern masterpiece.

We beat the rain on Sunday and got to do some touristy landmark walks in downtown (finally a day off from hiking). Wes and 3 of his roomies (recent college grads from the east coast) hosted us for two nights. They have a stable foosball table; was great to play so many well-paired games. I have not played so many games in one night in so long. Also went to see the movie Paul, which was good silly fun.

Tuesday morning, off to Arches NP then Canyon Lands NP till the 24th; no shower till Sunday and easter in the woods! Click here for more pix.

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