Saturday, April 30, 2011

Eating Well & Traveling Green

Amazing, we’ve been eating pretty healthy and organically with veggies, salads, and even wraps with quinoa, which is my new favorite veggie friendly substitute for protein. It’s kinda of similar to rice and couscous. I have been eating more meat lately, but that was a given. Did not want to be picker than I already am and sandwiches are just cheap and easy when on the go.  

We’ve been very good at maintaining a green life while on the road. Always bringing reusable bags to the store and even not using those small plastic bags for veggies.  Some stores in CO give you .05 cents for bringing in your own bag. I’ve been even saving every plastic bag from trail mix, loaf of bread, granola mix, crackers, etc. to reuse as small garbage bags. This is perfect for any road trip as you do not want to hold on to your waste too long in the car.  And, you never know when you need one, for example it was great to store my wet sandals in them when we were back country camping.

I know traveling in a jeep is not an eco-friendly mode of transport. But Greg was going to this road trip solo, so technically my footprint is 0 :) This jeep is my home for a dew months besides tents and staying with people here and there, so I am at least using what I got and I don’t got much these days. In a way I think being homeless is greener!

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