Monday, April 18, 2011

Capitol Reef NP, UT

One thing we have been noticing is the large RVS surrounding our small tent. I don’t blame people for wanting some small luxuries on a road trip, but these things are massive and often 600 sq ft just for two lazy peeps. They are so darn popular, there are hardly tents these days (I guess we are old school. They drag their SUVs or even at times hummers behind these RVs (no joke). Man, people must have money to literally burn on the gas. And then use more gas to run the generators to light their mobile homes up.

We did a 125-mile loop around the park and 6-miles off road 4 wheel driving (my first I believe). From hiking and driving over sandy rocks to driving up 3,000 feet to a cold snow mt top; man what a climate and landscape difference from CO to UT.

During our hikes here and at Natural Bridges NM, we hiked through streambeds, which is pretty cool to see canyons stand so high above us. At Capitol Reef we were the only hikers; it made the world seem to vast and quiet. Actually a handful of our hikes have been just us; it’s gonna be strange being around people in the busy summer season.

I also started missing and appreciating warm running water. My hands froze while trying to wash me face, but I am happy to still have good water accessible.  At camp, I noticed an older couple with the largest telescope I have ever seen. I went over there at night to take a look-see. I saw Saturn; it was pretty small but so amazing to see. I could not believe my eyes. Then we saw the moon, which was almost full and at 30x larger view. Gosh it was huge; even saw some of the craters on its edges. Also took a pix through the scope which came out pretty darn good. It was very tricky to shoot. Click here for pix.

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