Sunday, April 24, 2011

Arches National Park & Dead Horse State Park Utah

On Tues afternoon the campground in Arches NP was full with 52 sites. Luckily there were primitive campground spots ($10) close by on BLM area. Many of the closer in ones were full, but we found a huge, nice spot by the muddy river.  We did not plan to be here during Jeep week, but that’s what happened.

The first night we did a 3-mile hike to see the sunset at Delicate Arch. We brought some dinner and wine. The next day we did a 7.2-mile loop at Devil Garden to view 8 Arches up close. Sun is strong and hot, can’t imagine doing this in the summer. Then headed to the Windows section for more arches with small hikes

Back at camp, we had a nice soup veggie and chicken dinner and lite a fire as it was not windy. The stars came out quickly and it was cloud free. Looking at the sky, I though to meself, as one world goes to sleep, another awakens. I said aloud, this is like a real planetarium (yeah I am a city girl). Who needs TV when you got the real thing in front of you?

Wearing socks, shoes, bras, pants, and a hat most of the day and night, you really start appreciating wearing less clothes when possible. Fresh air and less constriction against the skin feels so great. Gradually wearing fewer clothes as it is warming up. 40 deg at night and 60 during the day is super warm for us. Now we are getting 75 during the day and I got tons of winter gear.

Another lesson learned, let’s just say when they predict 30% chance of rain and calling for 40 mph wind the next day, don’t leave anything out at camp. The wind woke us up around 1:30 am; by 2:15 we decided to pack up our sandy bags with Lisa as she was in the all weather tent. We quickly packed up the summer tent we were in before it broke. There’ was sand everywhere inside the tent, our bags, mouths, etc. Going to the jeep from the tent was painful on the eyes and so hard to see as the wind was picking up all the dust/dirt from the road. What a crazy, unpleasant night. I don’t think I ever had to do that before.

It calmed down by 4ish am I think. We dusted off and packed up then headed to Dead Horse State Park. Which is out of the way but a pretty spot and hoping for a chance to shower before going to Canyonlands NP. Unfortunately not all state parks have shows, lesson learned #??? Click here for more pix. 

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