Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Part I: wwoof wwoof- city girl on a farm for 2 weeks & doing manual labor!

We arrived on Easter Sunday at an organic farm vineyard Montezuma Canyon Ranch; we are staying for 2 weeks. I t will be nice to stay in one spot for a few days. For the past two months on this trip, the longest stay we had was 5 nights in Denver. I’ve never stayed on a farm and was unsure what work we will be doing. The deal is the farms usually provide room and board in exchange for you working about 6 hours a day; usually 5 days a week. We signed up as members for USA wwoofing, set up a profile, did a thorough search and review of all the farmers, contacted this farm, and bingo, he accepted us. 

There are four other wwoofers here from MA, TX, TN, and SC; all in their young 20s. The 24 yr farmer’s, Danny, mom was in town; she made an awesomely moist carrot cake, homemade fruit and nut bread, asparagus soufflé, and we have brownies every day… When we were camping, I mentioned the chocolate easter bunny that is hollow on the inside. Had not had one in ages and they were just sitting here waiting for me. It was a great Easter dinner with a bunch of new friends. There are also three sweet dogs too. No other animals on the farm though except bees and ants and a neighbor's donkey :( Will do a summary on the farm experience with pix later on. 

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