Saturday, April 2, 2011

Chillin in Boulder

Last Tues in Boulder, we were hosted by Joe who is from NJ but spent five years with the Marine Corps living in Russia, Switzerland, and Tanzania.  We traded books, he gave me “Travels with Charley” and I gave him “Vagabonding”. We went out to a local brew up  “Southern Sun Pub and Brew” (just like OR so many breweries!) while Greg went to the rock climbing gym with Ira.  Lots for rock climbers in CO.

I heard great things about Boulder, but it wasn't much to me. Great people, but the town is just so darn small for me with a busy road. I disliked Pearl Street (a touristy area) and felt that I could not walk around the town much; sorry no photos. Oh well, CO is still pretty sweet.

Wed, we went back to Denver for Greg’s pre-opp apt then we headed up back to Rocky NP. Greg’s surgery is this Tues and we learned that we need to come back mid May for a follow up visit. Gonna spend a lot more time in CO than planned! Maybe I don't have to move to CO b/c by the end of this trip, I will have been all around the state!

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