Sunday, April 3, 2011

After Thoughts

It is unfortunate that we had to drive through the night in New Mexico and southeast Colorado without stopping. People say there’s nothing to see in such places as Oklahoma and Kansas but I’d like to be the judge of that. Being from a big city, I am more interested in nature, landscapes, farms, animals, and non-touristy areas (uniqueness is what I seek).

Driving through CO, we passed by these huge suburban sprawls. I quickly grew tired of looking at these gigantic cookie cutter houses and seeing strip malls or how I say “shitty malls’. I felt sad for the people who lived here all of their lives and having only known these mainstream, not so great, restaurants and stores.  I don’t mean to offend those who live in such places, these are just thoughts that ran through me mind.

In Englewood, south of Denver, we saw an apartment/town house complex that was literally inside the strip mall. Enough said! Hopefully, we will find ourselves off the main highway soon and be able to loose ourselves with something unfamiliar.

I realized that my postings have only been reports of places that I have witnessed and the good people I have encountered. I must make time to reflect, to capture a few of the so many thoughts that run through my mind while traveling that I can’t seem to collect.

Ending this post with a few quotes from the book that I am reading “Traveling with Charley”:

“In this a journey is like a marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you can control it.”

“We find after years if struggle that we do not take a trip; a trip takes us.”

“… everything in this world must have a design or the human mind rejects it. But in addition it must have a purpose or the human conscience strives away from it.”

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