Sunday, April 17, 2011

Goblin Valley State Park, UT

On the drive to Goblin Valley State Park, one has to look out on the road for roaming cattle, which one did cross ahead of us. We stopped at Hanksville for gas and I noticed just across the road all these white formations like skeletons. It was Mike’s Auto Clinic Dinosaurs, very similar to Swetsville near Ft. Collins, CO.
We got rejected on a Wed night with 24 campsites at the state park. Luckily we were near Bureau Land Management (BLM,) so we camped for free, saving $16. Found a scenic site off the road actually. We found a kinda flat rock to set up the stove. At some point during the night, the wind was insanely howling while we were in our all weather-seasoned tent.

People often see our license plates, which consists of South Carolina at the back and a Canadian flag at the front. They ask us where we are headed, how long we’ve been on the road, etc.  At the trail head parking lot, after one of those brief encounters, a lady handed Greg a small piece of paper claiming that Mormon’s have all the answers we’ve been looking for. Finally, Jebus has saved me!

I forgot NPs don’t have showers, but Goblin Valley is a State Park, which was one reason we wanted to camp here. After the cool short hike into the valley, we snuck into the camp area for a quick and needed shower. We’ve been camping for 2 nights and my skin is slightly covered with sand and dust. We also knew we would not get a shower for the next two nights at Capitol Reef NP. Click here for more pix.

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