Sunday, March 6, 2011

Farewell NYC - hello Road Trip

Spent a full day in AC w/ dad (kind of a tradition) and my college friend Todd came with. Left at 6am, was back by midnight. Dad did well w/ roulette; even I walked away w/ $150 which is rare. Todd & I enjoyed some sun and cold wind on the boardwalk; had a nice conversation w/ an older kinda bum-like guy about how we waste food and should have a homeless food recycling program. There's also a cat project on the beach to spay/neuter strays..

I didn't mention this before but on my 2nd day in NYC, my dad's car was hit in NJ while he was at a stop sign. Dad walked away just fine, but totaled his Cadillac, which he got a good deal so he was not happy about this. So it was nice for him to have a good day in AC.

After AC, we drove to Philly as it is kind of on the way, to see my brother's house in progress. He's been fixing his first home for 2 yrs and it is a huge project. We went to a nice seafood/steak place called Captiol Grill. Awesome lobster bisque. We played Wii bowling while dad napped. Wish we could have stayed in Philly longer.

This week, I feel like i am all over the place juggling so many schedules; this will be a new lifestyle to adjust to. I got on my family's cell phone plan to save $$$, but miss the iphone and internet :( Greg, my travel partner, arrived on Mon from SC. We have not seen each other since Thanksgiving. We  discussed travel plans and tour around the cold, windy, sunny city.

My old job, AGPA, happened to have their huge conference this week here so not only did I see my former supervisors but a few members as well. I've been walking a few miles a day it seems taking pix of bldgs and even bldgs we use to live in. So many memories have been coming back, so much I have lived for 27 yrs here. But it's been sad seeing all the garbage blowing on the sidewalks. I've also noticed so many shopping stores. It's all we do here, such a high consumption city. But is that really keeping people happy?
Friday night was my farewelll party with all sorts of friends in attendance starting in midtown at my parent's apt. Was awesome seeing people coming from PA, VA, CT, etc. Sat morning we went to DC/VA area for 2 nights then continue to NC to see Kelly (friend from HS) in Boone and Spyce in Asheville. Click here for pix, Greg took some good ones from the party that I need to grab.

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