Wednesday, March 23, 2011

And up we go!

On Monday, the guys decided to climb another mt, this time a 13 footer as they say. I drove them to the start of the climb which was at 10,000 ft!!!! Then Aya and I headed to Boulder to do a 3 hr hike at Mt. Sanitas. Click here for pix.

There were tons of dogs on the trail. It was steep and high altitude, which i am still adjusting too. It was about 75 deg so pretty warm day. After the hike we did not have much time to check out Boulder, but I will be headed there next week. We drove 1.5 hrs back to the mt to get the guys. They were 30 mins off their return time, but glad they had no issues.

I dropped Aya and Steve at Golden, where Steve's brother lives. They leave CO on Tues. It was great to see them and who knows when we will see them again, perhaps Japan gets added to the SE Asia trip!

Greg and I headed to Denver to couchsurf for a few days with Annie and Ian, who both work for Habitat for Humanity. Annie is an AmeriCorps Vista. They moved here in Aug from Baltimore. They are easy to talk to and generous hosts; being with them reminds me of Portland - eating healthy, organic, recycling, funky art and photos in their apt. I picked a winner host for sure!

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