Monday, February 28, 2011

nyc week 1- I'm a tourist :)

First full week in NYC, the longest time I've been home since I moved in July 2006. Honey did great on her first flight in the cabin by my feet. She didn't need any downers and her bag was mess-free! Some things have not changed in NYC like people not waiting for u to exit the train as they push u back in, trains changing routes while on it, crowds everywhere at all times. It's been nice seeing a variety of old friends even some from grade school. Now I get to visit their children too. I still love walking around the city seeing random things to photograph; did a nice 3.5 walk with a friend that was randomly visiting from LA.

I'm having a hard time eating healthy as i want to eat my old favs like chinese food, pizza, mozzi sticks, and cannolis. It's also been hard being green here and seeing all the waste that goes on from rubbish on the floors that probably will end up in our drinking water and oceans, people not recycling and not having any options on the sidewalks to people not using reusable bags or cups. But I had some educational chats with friends (probably too much as I can't stop). Hopfully people's actions will slowly change and spread. We really need Malcolm Gladwell to write a book on this sociological and environmental issue :)

Just spent the weekend in PA, where my parents have a house. My brother (Pete) and his gf, Tiffany, met us there. It's been 3.5 yrs since my parents, bro, & myself have been together. Got to see stars from the outdoor hot tub. It was strange and fun seeing my stuff sprinkled throughout the house. I couldn't believe how much stuff I accumulated when I left PDX and now even more amazed in how much stuff I have.

More to come as week 2 in NYC begins shortly! Clear here for some city pix.

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