Monday, March 14, 2011

Crawling in Caves in KY

Sat, we arrived at Mamonth Cave around 1pm. Did a few easy, kinda boring, trails by the visiting center. We did our first camping and it was a nice clear night to see some stars and the moon. The next day, we were ready to start a 6.5 hr cave tour, which entailed some rock canyoning, crawling and hands and feet, and laying on our tummies to drag our bodies through some tight spots and holes. I'm so glad I am little as it was a little nerve wrecking. Greg said I did well as a spider monkey. We saw two tiny bats, the length of my index finger. They were sleeping. Apparently not all bats stay in colonies.

This cave is the longest in the world with 392 miles, not in a straight shot of course, and spread amoung levels. We crawled/hike 5.5 miles. We saw some minerals and crystals, but nothing amazing. There were some 150 ft high domes that were cool to see from below. We also turned our headlights off and stayed quiet twice, which was neat to experience in a cave.

Showered quickly, left by 5pm and arrived in Memphis by 10pm and surfed with a new friend, Johnathan. Stayed up for a few hrs catching up on computer work and chatted about food health, consumerism, etc.  Did not get to check out Memphis as we head to CO by 3/17. Click here for cave pix.

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