Monday, March 28, 2011

Off to Boulder- Red Rocks Amphitheatre & Eldorado Canyon State Park

Before we headed to Boulder, we stopped at the infamous Red Rocks Amphitheatre, which is a beautiful  natural setting to see a live band during the summer and I hear they play movies in the Fall. We did the Trading Post Trail, 1.4 miles, and goes through spectacular rock formations, valleys and a natural meadow. The trail is 6,280 feet above sea level and was not too steep, nice to have an easy trail break!

Then we drove up to Eldorado Canyon State Park and hiked on Rattlesnake Gulch. 1.4 miles (one way) with spectacular views of the canyon. The trail continues as a .8 mile loop as it travels to a view of the Continental Divide and the railroad tracks, 1,200 feet above the trailhead. Probably the closest I ever been to a train tunnel. As we descended, we saw a freight train move through. In the park there were lots of rock climbers, pretty amazing to see people as tiny specs on such great, beautiful rocks.  Pix here. 

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