Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nashville - Music, Pork, BBQ & Sun

I did not mention this last time but while I was in Asheville on Wed, Greg drove home to Greenville, SC for a scheduled ear surgery as other treatments were not working. A few weeks ago, he was told he has a cyst in his ear causing hearing problems. The cat scan showed that the cyst is located on a bone that requires a specialist to remove. So hopefully we can find a specialist next week while we are in CO.

Thurs afternoon, we were able to drive through the middle of Smoky NP, so I got to see it technically. It was rainy, snowy, and cold; no hiking or camping for us. Got to Nashville in the evening (5ish hr drive) and was hosted by a new friend, Todd, via It was a last minute plan to stay in Nashville and Todd was nice enough to host us for 2 nights. Todd has a cute loft cottage on the east side. And he is pet sitting, Cosmo, a 5 week old pup! I fell in love instantly.

Greg is sick now so it's been mellow nights. Fri, we had our first sunny day and walked all over city for about 6 hrs. Took random fun city pix. And I can't believe how many churches we saw in one block, many Baptists churches and Christian billboards, signs, ads, stores, etc. Jebus, it is strange. We made it out to a bar with a foosball table, of course I played well, but too smokey to stay long. Have not been in a smokey bar in years. I guess another new thing to get use to.

Today, we are off to KY to hike some trails at Mammoth Cave NP, KY. Sun we booked a 6.5 hr cave tour!  And, today marks me being on the road for one full week and I still have no clue what I am doing :) Click here for Smoky NP and Nashville, TN pix.

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