Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kickin it in Denver

We stayed in the Highlands part of Denver for 5 nights. Denver proudly nicknames itself as "mile high" b/c it is a mile high above sea level about 5,280 ft! U need a lot of sunscreen, lotion, water, and chap stick here. After applying cap stick, my lips still feel awful. But after a few days I am adjusting. It's about 50 deg but with the clear sky and bright sun, it looks and can feel like 70.

We went to the city 2x and walked all day to check out the neat hoods, bldgs, parks, and bars. Lots of parks and dogs. Also noticed a lot of not just pizza places, but NYC style pizza and tons of Mexican restaurants. CO also has a lot of micro brews, but bars still have cheap PBRs. Denver and CO for that matter does have many similar PDX/Oregon qualities except for the weather :) One horrible thing I have noticed in CO is the heavy use of styrofoam for leftovers. Need to remember to carry tupperware when I eat out. Click here for lots of city pix.

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