Thursday, March 10, 2011

South We Go: VA & NC

Nice sunny but long drive (7.5 hr) from VA to Boone, NC to see one of my best mates, Kelly. I met Kelly in Italy on a HS trip when we were 16 and we've been pen pals ever since On the way we saw the Foamhenge. This is my first time in NC. Blue ridge drive was nice, but Shenadoah NP was closed due to snow :(

Got to spend 2 nites in one place finally. But learning that organizing photos, making captions and blogging takes a few hours. I feel terrible that I don't get to chill with my friends in this short time we have.

We did a nice 4 mile hike and take some great Mt shots. Also got to see some Confederate flags, random huge crosses posted in hills. Kelly made a great chicken parm dinner with veggies and quinoa. At dinner, I learned that only 5 yrs ago NC allowed lottery gambling. I also learned that tattoos were illegal in SC till recently. Oh and that one can get insurance for body parts such as actresses doing so for the butts or models for their legs. So much I did not know :)

Wed 3/9 headed to Asheville. Got to stay with a girl I met over 3 years ago who stayed with me in PDX. She is a free spirited. It was a rainy day so we chilled with some of her friends talking about road trips. Due to weather, today, we decided to go to Nashville, TN for 2 nights and skip over Smokey Mts :( To view VA & NC pix, click here.

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