Sunday, March 20, 2011

Scramble in Little roack and off to CO

Kyle, our host, took us on a scramble hike to Pinnacles mt near Little Rock at 1,000 ft. It was steep and had to use some arm muscles to pull meself up time to time. But we made it to the top and saw 4 hawks flying. Later that day car shop told us we have to stay another night in AR. I uploaded new pix in the Little Rock photo album.

Next day got out at 8am and got to Colorado Springs by midnight, passing thru boring Oklahoma hwy 40, then northern Texas which was a bit ore scenic with farm lands. Pit stop at a bbq shack then to New Mexico and finally to CO. Probably the most I ever drove (remember I am a Manhattan girl) and don't drive much at night. Not a fan and hopefully we won't find ourselves in this situation again.

Greg got to meet up with the guys to do a mt climb this weekend. And Aya and I are off to the hot springs and Great Sand Dunes National Park to camp for the weekend. Click here for pix on the road to CO.

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