Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Up Next - Girdwood, Seward & Juneau

In Anchorage, I met up again with Mike, from GA. We decided to travel together for the next week. Today heading south to the town of Girdwood to do some hiking. Greg D., guy I started the trip with in March, will also be joining us for a portion of the trip. Then continue further south to the town of Seward. We are renting a kayak, hoping on a Halibut boat charter to take us to Aialik bay to do two nights of solo camping and check out Kenai Fjords NP. Should be rad! We have to do a splash course to know kayak safety and exit/re-entry process, just in case we tip over.

On June 27, I am taking a ferry from Whittier to Juneau. It will take two nights and $220 just to get on the ferry. U can sleep in the  main atrium on the lounge chair if u have a sleeping bag, so no pricey cabin for me.

I have another 3 week wwoofer gig set up with Whale's Eye Ecovillage-Sustainable Living Center, on an island off of Juneau. They have an organic garden and conduct workshops on sustainable living; should be a great experience. 
I will be camping a lot this week so not sure when the next time I will computer/net access to upload pix and blog. No photo link album with this post :(

Note: Pix on the left is my friend Kerby riding the mechanical bull. I did one round, but no evidence to display here.

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