Monday, June 20, 2011

Open Words - Life Thoughts

Below are some random thoughts that I have collected on this trip. Obviously these are my views and they apply to me as well; take no offense.
When I think of what’s in my boxes and all the clothes I have, I’m disgusted. Especially when people have so much less. They were not necessary items and just held me down. Not to mention all the money I wasted.

Technology is like a black hole, it sucks you in, spend way too much time on the computer, for example, and do not even know what you did. Then you feel like you did not accomplish much. It’s a distraction from living life. I stopped paying for cable years ago as I don’t want to see people doing cool things, I want to go out and do them myself. 

In cities you see many people upset, angry, and overall their general attitude is they want to be left alone. That’s b/c they have no space/privacy. They are in a compact area, shared with too many people. In a more rural setting, people are friendly, not only b/c they know each other, but b/c they want to interact with people. They have their own space and time.

Why is it when we get married, it is tradition to load ourselves with stuff. Kinda ties us down more. It seems to be consumption overload then making it difficult for the newlyweds to move around and travel.

Dislike the idea of gift cards, waste of plastic and forces a person to go to the store. What’s the difference or advantage over real cash. Real cash is easier for both parties.

No photo album on this post. 


  1. im glad i dont feel alone in thinking these same thoughts.

    i have always been a minimalist; any clothes that are not useful (cargo pockets!) or that I couldn't climb a tree in, I would not wear. However now I have discovered people like it if you look snazzy in clothes, so for the first time in my life I am buying clothes for their looks.

    my main attachment that i regret is that i dont want to throw away things i wrote or some drawings i made as a teenager. it sucks to have to carry around something like that. since my parents have a house with extra space, i am not confronted with the difficult choice of throwing them out.